• About the NJ Period Project

    The NJ Period Project started in October 2016 as a charity project to collect just 10 boxes of pads and tampons to donate to the local food pantry. The response from friends and family was so overwhelming that I decided to keep it going. The NJ Period Project has collected and distributed thousands of pad and tampon donations . Our donations go to several food pantries, women's emergency shelters and long term housing in Middlesex County and surrounding areas. We hope to be able to expand this project in the future to include wider distribution, menstrual education and government reform.

  • Who We Are

    The Leadership of NJ Period Project

    Tzipi Sutin

    Founder and Chief Operating Officer

    Pads and tampons are not a luxury, they're a necessity. A necessity that costs around $10 a month. For most women $10 a month is a negligible amount, but for a woman in need that cost is astronomical and can mean skipping meals or doing without other necessities in order to have a hygienic period. Many shelters don't stock pads and tampons and food pantries don't often receive feminine hygiene supplies as donations. When I first learned about this issue I decided that no woman in my town was going to have to choose between a meal and a tampon. Thanks to hard work, the generosity of our donors, and our volunteers we are able to take that burden away.


    When I am not working with the NJ Period Project I am working as a birth and postpartum doula for Wise Birth Choices. I am also a mother of two and I hope that my passion for helping nurtures my children in lives guided by compassion and the drive to improve the world.

    Siobhan McAndrew

    Administrative Assistant and Volunteer Manager

    Shortly before my 2nd child was born, my husband lost his job. We quickly used up all of our savings and had to rely on government assistance and the good graces of friends and family to see us through some very hard times. We were truly blessed by the generosity of others. I vowed that when we were back on our feet, I would pay forward the kindness shown to my family. As soon as I heard of the NJ Period Project, I knew in my heart this is how I was meant to help. I reached out to Tzipi immediately and the rest is herstory.


    When I'm not working on the project, I care for my 3 children and help my husband run our restaurant, The Celtic Knot Fish & Chips in Brick, NJ. I'm also studying to be a birth and postpartum doula and breastfeeding counselor.

  • Community Feedback

    What are people saying about NJ Period Project?

    Last year, approximately 1,500 adults and 400 children walked through the doors of Women Aware and into safety. Many fled to our Emergency Shelter carrying only a trash bag containing the few belongings they could grab as they escaped. Women Aware was able to provide them with the rest when they arrived, including essentials like pads and tampons. Thanks to the NJ Period Project’s recent donation of feminine hygiene products, women and adolescent girls fleeing violence in Middlesex County can begin their journey towards self-sufficiency in comfort and dignity. Help us end domestic violence now by donating at www.womenaware.net/donate.

    The majority of people who come for help to the Food Pantry at the Hope Center are struggling with the decision to buy food for their families or pay a bill. As you know, these items are expenses not covered by food stamps and are very much needed by the women of our community. Our clients were thrilled to see the boxes of pads and tampons as it isn't often we get this type of donation and the boxes flew off of the shelves.  It is the help and generosity of organizations like the NJ Period Project that make it possible to help so many people who would not have anywhere else to go.


  • Get Involved

    Pad and Tampon Donations Keep Us Going!


    There are currently four ways to donate to the project.


    1. Participate in our online campaign

    2. Send products through Amazon

    3. Make a direct donation by contacting us

    4. Attend one of our special events!

    Receive Donations

    If you are an organization in need please email us at NJPeriodProject@gmail.com to schedule a drop off.


    If you are an individual in need in the central NJ area please contact us to receive a list of organizations that we supply.


    Without our volunteers, NJPP wouldn't be nearly as successful as it is. If you'd like to volunteer to help with our seasonal projects, collection and distribution, fundraising or have a new way to help, then we would love to have you.

  • Q & A

    Common Questions and Their Answers

    Can I donate reusable menstrual products?

    At this time we are not able to collect reusable pads or menstrual cups. Although these products are excellent for the environment, their use depends on sanitary washing facilities, access to hot water and soap for hand washing and possibly boiling water for sterilization. Many of the women that we serve do not have reliable access to the facilities needed to maintain and care for reusable products.


    In the future, we are hoping to develop a project to collect reusables as an option for women in long term housing.

    Can I donate an opened package of pads or tampons?

    Yes! Open containers of pads and tampons will not be distributed to shelters, food pantries or long term housing though. Instead, opened packages will be used to create blessing bags during our summer campaign for women on the streets.

    What brands are most requested?

    No single brand is more requested than any other, but we do get more requests for tampons than we do for pads.

    Is my donation tax deductible?

    Yes. If you would like a receipt for your pad and tampon donation please email us.

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